XaviScript – Technologist & Human

Breathing in as programmer, breathing out as designer. Disruptive thinking!

I am a Tech Manager Tech Lead XR Developer Problem Solver Product Manager Web Developer

Tech Product Management, disruptive software development.

I love learning an testing emerging technologies.

Create, improve and distribute tech and software products is what moves me.

Really love to work in

Digital Platforms

Cloud platforms products based on websites, apps, backend solutions, cloud environments... I love to be involved in mutidisciplinary projects.

XR Experiences

I have worked in next-gen extended reality projects since 2017. Mixed reality, virtual reality and augmented reality are building the new future.

Mobile / Web Apps

Crossplatform technologies aiming smartphones, tablets and computers projects. Have been creating websites since I was 13.

Multimedia / Games

Entertainments applications like videogames, interactive experiences or video streaming are other projects that interest me and I have experience on.

Keep growing,
don't stop learning

I love to face new challenges and keep learning and discovering. This applies to both my work time and my personal life.

How my skills are distributed

Tech / Coding
Problem solving

Current & Past Projects

Interactive Virtual Streamer

Virtual streamer with custom voice that interacts with Twitch Chat messages.


AI helps you to achieve your dreams creating a customized roadmap.

Telegram Crawler Jobs Bot

Find jobs that fit multiple filters and publish them directly to Telegram channels.

Blog entries

Ready to transform ideas into reality and drive your projects to unparalleled heights? I am excited to hear about your vision and explore the possibilities of collaboration. Click the “Contact Me” button below, and let’s embark on a journey of innovation together. Your next groundbreaking project is just a message away!

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